dianping.com: We are Just a Character Away


First, background information.

We Chinese tend to gather and have dinners together at the end of a year and this happens mostly between friends. And we should use our APP, equivalent of “Yelp” to jump-start our promotion of “Year-end dinning together”. However, promotion can easily lower our brand tone, so what should we do to maintain our brand tone in regular promotion.


Second, solutions.

1. We should increase the cultural connotation of regular promotion more.

Under the communication environment of looking up to the elite and catering to the loser on social media, the electric business brands suffers from repeated defeats. We present the strategies and solutions from the perspective of our brand and take into consideration of cultural connotation while spreading our business and introduce the #There is only one word between us”. Because one word is enough to convey the friendship and no more words are needed between friends. We also select nine Chinese characters that can best represent friendship to express the distinctive Chinese climate.


2.One word for one page. Innovative in the form.

We design the meaning of the characters into animation to optimize the experience of reading on one’s cellphone. We expatiate on the ties between friends from every dimension, using “金(Golde), 本(Nature), 欠(Debt), 梦(Dream), 日(Days), 朋(Friends), 拼(Effort), 赞(Thumb-up)”respectively. Just as what the character”聚(Ju)-gathering” means, let’s gather together for yet another time and thus bring out the information of “Year-end dinning together and group-buys”.


3. A successful copywriting and deep communication

As opposed to the sensational climate of social media dissemination, we unconventionally employ the steady and introverted narrative tone, and match each of the animation featuring one character with a long copywriting and start it with our insight into friendship to attain the goal of making our audience resonate with us and spread it successfully.

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Third, results.

1. The interactive H5 web page got a traffic of 3 million( from Baidu statistics)

2. Our Html 5 photos were screenshoted by our clients and our copywriting was copied and uploaded to social media and even became part of the Chinese test of middle schools, receiving phenomenal resonating and sympathizing.

3. We didn’t follow the trend and instead we became social hot spots. “One Character” even became a trendy style on the internet” and was followed by more than 110 famous brands at home and abroad.

4. The interactive form of our copywriting has set up a new standard for interactive dissemination and has been regarded as classical case of spreading by many authoritative websites in this circle and has specially been covered to analyze and explore its phenomenal dissemination impact .

5. Our copywriting enjoys a very long life and is still disseminated by many clients and reprinted by media.

6. We have spread our brand effectively and the popularity and Cinema business bookings have remarkably been upgraded.


dianping.com: We are Just a Character Away