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Wild Dogs’ Home

Wild dogs have no home. This is the place we grind our weapons and release ourselves in wildest way

Creative Awards

  • London International Award (LIA)

    Silver Award X 1

  • Spikes Asia

    Gold Award X 1

    Sliver Award X 1

    Shortlist X 1


    Merit Award X 1


    Grand Prix X 1, Gold Award X 3, Sliver Award X 5, Bronze Award X 3, Merit Award X 9


    Finalist X 1

  • Behance

    behance featured projects X 2

  • Taiwan 4A Creative Awards

    Golden Awards X 3

    Silver Awards X 5

    Bronze Awards X 6

    Merit Awards X 6

  • Times Asia Pacific Advertising

    Gold Award X 3

    Sliver Award X 1

    Bronze Award X 3

    Merit Award X 5

    Finalist X 6

  • LongXi Creative Awards

    Gold Award X 2

    Sliver Award X 1

    Bronze Award X 3

    Merit Award X 3

    Finalist X 5

  • ADT Award

    Yearly Advertisement Award X 3

  • China Advertising Great Wall Awards 2015-2016

    Grand Prix x 1

    Gold Awards x 4, Silver Awards x 9

    Bronze Awards x 10, Merit Awards x 17

  • Effie Awards Greater China

    Bronze Awards x 4

    Finalist x 3

  • China 4A Golden Seal Awards

    Grand Prix x 1

    Gold Awards x 5

    Silver Awards x 11

    Bronze Awards x 9

    Merit Awards x 17

    Finalist x 2

  • China Advertisement Yearly Digital Award 2015

    Best Of 2015 X 2

    Golden Award X 2

    Sliver Award X 2

    Bronze Award X 1

  • China Content Marketing Awards

    Grand Prix X 1

    Golden Awards X 2

    Silver Awards X 10

    Bronze Awards X 9

  • ECI awards by IECIA

    Golden Awards X 1

    Bronze Awards X 1

  • IAI International Advertising Awards

    Yearly Advertisement Award X 9

  • The 10th Chinese Element International Creative Award

    Bronze Award X 1

  • Golden Elephant Awards

    Annual Advertisement Awards X 2

  • China Tiger Roar Awards

    Golden Awards X 1

    Silver Awards X 1

    Bronze Awards X 4

    Merit Awards X 11

Company Awards

  • 2016 Campaign Asia Brief - China’s Hottest Agencies 2015 - No. 22
  • 2016 Campaign Asia Brief - The Hottest Agencies in Asia 2015 - No. 141
  • 2016 Oneshow Greater China - Agency Of The Year
  • China Advertisement Yearly Digital Award 2015 - Yearly Creative Agency
  • China Advertisement Yearly Digital Award 2015 - Yearly Independent Advertisement Agency
  • China Advertisement Yearly Digital Award 2015 - A Must-known Advertisement Agency In 2015
  • 2016 Golden Seal Awards - Most Growth Leading Advertising Agency
  • ADT Award - Top 1 Ceative Agency of 2015
  • ADT Award - 2015 Most Popular Advertisement Agency In China
  • DAOY 2015 - No.1 Creative Agency of Specialist
  • DAOY 2015 - No.4 Creative Marketing Agency
  • IAI International Advertising Awards - 2015 Yearly Digital Marketing Agency - W
  • 2016 Golden Elephant Awards - 2016 Annual Stradegy Agency
  • China Tiger Roar Awards - 2015 Yearly Potential Agency - W
  • China Content Marketing Awards - 2015 Yearly Advertisement Agency - W

W’s Beliefs

Those words on the wall mean nothing to you; But he who created these beliefs will stick to them.

W’s Plan

W’s creators are searching for those who are extraordinary and doing everything worth-creating.

#Ode to future advertisement# Vol.2

New music video coming soon, please look forward to it.

#Ode to future advertisement#

From the present to the future, Yegou would like to rely on its own products and use its own music as bait, and wishes to be coordinated by all musicians, music distribution agencies and music production units and jumpstart and finish this project in joint efforts with brands of cooperation and allies, home and abroad, changing the landscape of advertisement and transforming the old fate of creators.

#W2016 Business Integration Plan of Arts and Branding#

W will, together with Ma Liang, celebrated international artist, carry out the entirely new way of Yegou of the “branding of Chinese artists” and the “commercialization of arts”. This is the first time that international artists and a brand marketing company join hands in business in a genuine sense. There is no traditional defining of the first party, the second party or the third party, as frequently seen in business relations, only Ma Ling and W, who have some affinity as both are creators and share the same destination.

#A Pathetic Song to Yegou#

#W2016 Business Integration Plan of Arts and Branding#

#A Song to Ma Yun#

This is our reflection on the entire industry of E-business. Why would we choose such a name? Truth be told: we are totally on our own and there is no other resources or promotion budget. So we decided on such a perspective that might receive more attention. It can also be seen as the instinct or professional performance of an advertisement company.

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