Dianping.com – “You are far from knowing me” & “Gone with your comments on Jiang Wen”


I. Background

In December 2014, the self-directed and acted film Gone With The Bullets by Jiang Wen was released. The theater division of dianping.com wishes to promote its online booking service via this film. Therefore, it carries out two rounds of WeChat promotion via the launch of “Nine Steps Beyond” and “Why do you like Jiang Wen”

九步之遥1 九步之遥2 W-作品集-20160126.049

II. Solutions
1. Are you the true fans of Jiang Wen?
In the first round Html5 interactive page #Nine Steps Beyond#, the tough and uninhibited personality charm with Jiang Wen characteristics is transferred into art style, as all the classic film scenes from Jiang Wen are made into animation, so that the consumers can “Watch Animation and Guess Movie Name”. Based on the accuracy, the consumers are divided as “Little Fans, Big Fans and Super Fans” of Jiang Wen. This Html5 also releases such a slogan: Visit dianping.com to select seat for Gone With The Bullets and you will be much closer to Jiang Wen. Therefore, the promotional effect regarding the online seat selection service of dianping.com is achieved.


2. Knowing more about Jiang Wen’s mode of thinking
The Html5 interactive page #Why do you like Jiang Wen # is launched closely following the first one. In order to restore the imaginative, secretive and fantasy atmosphere of Gone With The Bullets, the creative form of animation is adopted. To be specific, by making in-depth exploration to Jiang Wen’s mode of thinking and presenting visual elements with highly saturated colors, it displays all the good films directed or starred by Jiang Wen, so as to form a strong visual impact. With in-depth analysis in the copywriting, the customers can participate in the interaction by giving comments for each of the film, finally the theme becomes obvious: Watch Gone With The Bullets once again, you will know more about Jiang Wen. The business information is therefore pointed out in this way.

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III. Results
1. Html5 series is accessed to for 2,000,000+ times (according to Baidu Data).
2. This case takes the initiative to adopt the interactive form of “Comments-based Html5”, sets new standards for the creation and execution of Html5, and further leads to imitation within the industry as similar cases have appeared one after another.
3. Screenshots of Html5 series are uploaded to social networks spontaneously by consumers, to express their high recognition towards the creative form and brand essence, which also promotes secondary communication.
4. This Html5 series has been recognized as a classic case of interactive communication by many authoritative websites in the industry.
5. Brand communication has resulted in real effect, as customers’ favor towards dianping.com and booking volume of cinema tickets have been significantly enhanced.

Dianping.com – “You are far from knowing me” & “Gone with your comments on Jiang Wen”