W, established by Li Sanshui in Shanghai, has now grown into a leading agency of interactive full-service marketing, specializing in brand strategic design and consultation to those clients who are in seeking for full-service marketing. In our pursuit to clearly define and integrate the strategy, we endeavored to present brand by most touching manifestations. Our clients include but not limited to over 20 domestically and globally renowned brands, such as New Balance, Timberland, The North Face, dianping.com, Tencent, Taobao.com, Booking.com, Moweather, douban.com, Xibei, Lenovo, Redstar Macalline, Sprite and Sole Love, through the cooperation with whom, we delivered many iconic full-service works enjoying wide public recognition and remarkable review.Different from other regular excellent-works in the industry, each work of W exhibits extraordinary innovation character out of the stereotypical box. The case Just ONE WORLD we share which in between only ONE WORD stands does not follow the common trend but became a hot social topic, triggering a overwhelming collective-follow by both agencies and individuals; In HTML5 marketing, the case “A Strange Call, Dare You Answer It?” attracts lots of followers to borrowing our idea – combining the mobile phones and original ecology of WeChat. Based on the strategic slogan that “the shade of my color deep down”, multiple campaigns have been launched in shaping New Balance’s brand image. Appmixer is independently initiated without any precious experience for reference and marks the peak of viral video in 2015. We launched the first publicity campaign for Douban.com in its 11 years development- “the shelter of our soul” captioning the spiritual disposition of Douban.com to all the netizens; we jointed hands with Li Zongsheng, a widely respected senior musician to set out the 110 anniversary of New Balance “each step that counts”. Each program obviously featured in subversion sets up a benchmark in the whole industry in transition, right in which W’s superiority and long-lasting influence reside.Due to this, W became a dark horse winner of a great number of creative awards in recent years and awarded the Creative Company of the Year, Marketing Agency of the Year and the Creativity Person of the Year by China Advertising Annual Awards, China Content Marketing Awards, Tiger Roar Awards, ADT Advertisement Magazine, Ditigaling.com and etc. Globally, W is also the winner of Oneshow Clobal Merit Award and ADFEST Finalist. We took many prizes in Oneshow Greater China by an absolute predominance, Great Wall Awards and all of the ones for marketing on mobile device in Times & SIA-Pacific Advertising Awards. By the end of 2016 July, W has been awarded by over 150 prizes from Asia-Pacific and global top creation awards ceremonies.However, W has never stopped its step toward perfection and dwell on its laurels since its establishment. It has been inviting and developing international great minds at home and abroad. It takes the quality of works rather than company scale as priority. The programs are not executed unless based on perfect brand strategy design, to ensure good integrity and depth of the creative concept.The bold reform in company structure has exerted influence on China’s advertising industry in its transition. It has only two departments, namely Department of Copy writing and Department of Creation. We strictly recruited and trained our members with internal regulation, and Department of Creation integrated with designing of art, animation, illustration, music and procedures. W took the initiative to establish a “Wild dog science and art capsule” (or known as wild dog science and technology lab) and “W Music Department” to integrate Music and Process components, two representative and Avant departments, into the same team. Thus launched its 2015 Album, EP-Wild Island # a song for future# in an attempt to join hands with top contemporary artists to carry out # Joint Operation on art#. W boasts a flat management mode which has dramatically improved the work efficiency, and accordingly the constantly-following creator principle for originality, professional, perseverance and frank exchanges and sharing has motivated profound reflection and discussion in the industry. A conspicuous media exposure can be easily found on over a hundred media-Onewshow China, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinatimes, Jiemian.com, CBN, adquan.com, meihua.info, topys.cn, SHP+, Modern Advertising, Qdaily, ergeng, V Marketing China, Brand Boss Town, topmarketing, Digitalling, Advertiser and etc.It is the non-conventional, forward-looking and creative thoughts that decide W’s productiveness and its development into the most outstanding innovative full-service marketing agency. It is exactly W’s prior mission to realize innovation and high quality of works and its vision to promote industry advancement in line with international level that enables its greater potential and more promising future.

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