Dianping.com: Great Four Titans come to your KTV rescue!



The fourth season of the Voice of China in 2015 sets another record in rating. Based on the cooperation with the Voice of China and its extreme popularity, dianping.com has promoted its KTV business. This cooperation has also encountered challenges, since the public prefer watching the Voice of China on television or network, how to encourage them to go to KTV?

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  1. Creative Wechat article-style H5

Wechat article is integrated into H5 web page for interaction. When reading articles, the users can touch the pictures to activate the animation and sound effects, for refreshing experience. This is indeed a new interaction and communication manner.

  1. Interaction for publicity, novel contents for in-depth communication

At the beginning of the article, four most common types of poor singers in KTV are displayed in the animation, then it is claimed that the internal documents of the Voice of China obtained from dianping.com and the magic technology can analyze the four instructors’ physical makeup and reveal their secrets of singing for poor students’ reference. The promotion slogan that dianping.com’s KTV is the public’s optimal choice can reflect the value of the business.

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III. Results

  1. H5 interactive page is accessed to for 30000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
  2. Wechat article style Html5 is widely copied or modified for reference on and on.
  3. In this case, a novel integrated communication style with e-commerce, programs and celebrities well integrated is established.
  4. The screen shots of images and text are uploaded to various social networking platforms spontaneously by consumers, to express their strong recognition of the brand, which also promotes secondary communication.
  5. The good effect of brand promotion is mirrored by good sales. dianping.com KTV business has significantly soared.
  6. This case has been increasingly forwarded on industry media and we media spontaneously.


Dianping.com: Great Four Titans come to your KTV rescue!