dianping.com: A Strange Call, Will You Answer it?


I. Background
dianping.com hopes to expand its reputation, promote IMAX’s online booking service and differs itself from other ticket booking websites of the same time period, relying on Hollywood blockbuster “The Avengers 2” released since May 2015.


II. Solutions
1. Creative H5 interaction model
In this creative interaction way of “missed calls” and “unread messages”, creative contents and the users’ mobile phone usage scenarios are strongly correlated.

2. Suspension enhances interaction and further communication.
When H5 starts, the user will receive an unknown call with ungiven location, after he answers the call, an evil voice will shout, immediately followed by Avengers’ strike on your phone screen, then before the collapse, the ultimate villains appear and severely criticize his mini mobile phone screen and incite him to replace it with a larger one from dianping.com. In fact, the users are suggested to spend “only 19.9 yuan in watching The Avengers 2 in IMAX”.

1 2-1 2-2

III. Results
1. Html5 is accessed to for 2000000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
2. The creative interaction way of “missed calls” and “unread messages” on HTML5 is widely preferred and imitated in the industry, and similar cases emerge one after another incessantly.
3. The example of creative interaction way of “missed calls” on Html5 is frequently followed and strongly recommended to attract more users.
4. Driven by subversive interactive experience, a large number of consumers spontaneously upload the screenshots to quite a few of social networks for communication and discussion, which increases secondary communication.
5. It has been regarded as an excellent example of Html5 marketing and communication by many authority websites. Its amazing communication effects have been widely explored and particularly discussed.
6. Outstanding promotion effect has been achieved relying on “The Avengers 2”, and dianping.com’s business of online booking of IMAX movie ticket has significantly improved.


dianping.com: A Strange Call, Will You Answer it?