dianping.com: Dad, I Miss You


  1. dianping.com hopes to expand its reputation and promotes its online booking service relying on the movie “Lost and Love” starred by Andy Lau and released since March 2015. The difficulty lies in how to get rid of excessive-used sensational communication way and arouse sympathy affection in different manner.
  2. It is recognized that children usually communicate more with their mothers than with their fathers; however, father’s love is always there. We may have lots of childhood photos, while we may hardly find one taken with our fathers.





Dad, let’s take a photo

HTML5 interactive page displays “Dad, I miss you”. As a way of interaction, the users are encouraged to take a photo with their fathers in dianping.com studio, by matching their father’s date of birth and automatic photo-taking. Finally, the touching text read, “we can’t decide who can be our fathers; however, at least we can decide the movie we can share with our fathers”, which demonstrates the meaning of online ticket booking on dianping.com.



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III. Results

  1. Html5 interactive page is accessed to for 2000000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
  2. This case arouses collective resonance and emotion recognition. HTML5 pictures and text have been spontaneously copied and uploaded to social networks in large quantity, to express their strong recognition of the innovation and the brand’s connotation and promotes secondary communication.
  3. It is regarded as a typical case of Html5 interactive communication by lots of authoritative websites.
  4. The good effect of brand promotion is mirrored by significant increase of website traffic and the volume of online booking of movie tickets.


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dianping.com: Dad, I Miss You