dianping.com: I’ m a Real Chowhound


I. Background
Since the release of business item of “Chowhounds’ Festival” on dianping.com in May 2015, a great number of preferential restaurants have been recommended; however, due to short time period and low publicity, the business volume remains low, and thus the challenge lies in how to expand the publicity of “Chowhounds’ Festival” as soon as possible.

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II. Solutions
Innovative Html5 interaction form of “full comic carrier”
HTML5 interactive page displays “I’m a real chowhound” like a short animation expressed by original lines and frames gradually displayed. Adam and Eve’s eating an apple, flies eating feces, monsters eating each other, planets swallowing UFSs, and others’ enjoying their delicious foods reveal the real chowhounds’ belief: delicious foods, or, die. The significance of “Chowhounds’ Festival” on dianping.com is introduced and emphasized.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is visited for 200000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
2. The business of “Chowhounds’ Festival” on dianping.com differs itself from other similar e-commerce, in terms of level and depth of communication.
3. The creative “full-comic Html5” model has been extremely preferred and learnt from and similar cases have been arising on and on.
4. This case has been increasingly forwarded on industry media and we media spontaneously.
5. The good effect of brand promotion is mirrored by significant soar of transaction volume and positive comments on “Chowhounds’ Festival” on dianping.com .

dianping.com: I’ m a Real Chowhound