dianping.com: Refreshing the Circle of Friends every Minute




June 2015 witnessed the peak of domestic films in theaters, and it is hoped to promote the business of ticket booking on dianping.com.







A new technology has been developed to check a user moves his mobile phone or not.

The technology to monitor the physical movement of mobile phone is integrated into Html5 interactive page. As long as the user moves his mobile phone, the page content will be cleared and restarted for completely new contents.


Encouraging users’ reflection by integrated images, text and sound

In the interaction, the animation refreshes per second. The integrated animation, text and ethereal background sound encourages users’ reflection on their endless refreshing the circle of friends, since it is indeed meaningless and time-consuming, and they are sincerely encouraged to book a meaningful movie ticket.


Deliberate difference from experience habit, reverse mode for better communication

In this case, Html5 Wechat experience habit is challenged. The users are directed from traditional habit of initiative refreshing the circle of friends to passive waiting for quiet appreciation. The purposeful opposite user experience mode can enhance Html5’s topic and communication effect.


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  1. Html5 interactive page is visited for 150000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
  2. In this case, traditional Html5 technology bottlenecks have been broken through for creative interactive experience.
  3. This case directs consumers’ spontaneous discussion and reflection on their endless refreshing the circle of friends.
  4. Thanks to its long life cycle, Html5 page traffic has been increasing.
  5. This case has been increasingly forwarded on industry media and we media spontaneously.
  6. The good effect of brand promotion is mirrored by significant soar of ordering quantity of movie tickets on dianping.com.
dianping.com: Refreshing the Circle of Friends every Minute