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I. Background
The business of Dine and Dash has been started on dianping.com since June 2015. The consumers can order life services, covering foods, drinks, entertainment and travel. However, this new business has low publicity and recognition; therefore, our task is to widely publicize this business item and raise the traffic.

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II. Solutions
1. Innovative ways of promotion
Different from the traditional promotional way of Dine and Dash on dianping.com, the way to encourage the third parties’ free expression is creatively adopted. The stories about strong association between fictional characters and the consumers are told for promotion.


2. Description of virtual characters

In this case, a hacker named as William Chen and his resume is made up: at the age of 19, he paralyzed by the network via hacking techniques; he is described as an Internet Robin Hood, gifted, outspoken and aggressive, with strong dissatisfaction with iPhone’s arrogance and violent brain conference.


3. Development of strongly association with consumers
The viral video concerns the excessive App in mobile phones. With the help of mobile animation, William Chen vividly demonstrates the operation of APPMIXER that is a mobile phone hacker APP developed by him. APPMIXER can integrate any two mobile Apps into one. For example, Didi Dache and Uber can be integrated, and the two sides can be simultaneously called for service on the one integrated App. APPMIXER’s ultimate goal is to integrate all Apps on dianping.com into Dine and Dash item, and all of the services are free of charge. It will be a real dine and dash.

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III. Results
1. Viral video is visited for 3430000+ times (according to Tencent Video statistics).
2. APPMIXER is searched for 1710000+ times in Baidu (according to Baidu statistics).
3. The viral video is extremely frequently commented and forwarded upon its release.
4. The link of APPMIXER is consciously downloaded and forwarded to other websites at high frequency, which means secondary promotion.
5. The innovative Html5 model is widely learnt from within and across the industries.
6. The feasibility of APPMIXER is discussed and the innovative promotion way is widely concerned in various IT forums.
7. The brand promotion is integrated into sales, and the traffic and transaction of Dine and Dash on dianping.com have significantly improved.
8. This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by media and we media spontaneously.
9. This program has been increasingly forwarded on we media, microblog and consumers since its release 3 months ago.

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Dianping.com – Appmixer