Dianping.com: #The Story Of A’Hui, Vol.1


Project Background

Shanhui or Quick Discount, as a new version of product substituting online group purchase, is Dianping.com’s annual strategic project. For such a new thing with little name recognition, there is no doubt that it is difficult to explicitly embody its use value, move the audience and make it popular among the public.

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First, Solutions

1, it is better to personalize the product than endow it with personalities

It is an essential technique to endow products with personalities. However, it is obviously not enough when facing a brand-new thing, which can only become familiar to people and be used after continuous marketing efforts. Therefore, we directly incarnate the virtual product into a real figure, and create a unique visual image, which is easy to memorize, based on product features. We also create his or her origin, characters, and write interesting serials to deepen its value, making “Shanhui” project more likely to spread.


2, It Is Better to Maximize its Core Value Using One Sentence than Pile Up its Advantages with Overstated Speeches

As a new version of customer-friendlier internet product, it has many advantages, but too many features leave it hard to be memorized. This case thinks out of the box, summarizing its strengths into one strategic slogan #eating without cash# and the product’s core value “preferential and convenient” is thus maximized. Meanwhile, stories are used to repeat its core value and strengthen audience’s memory. People’s curiosity is sparked and cognitive limitation is broken.

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Third, Communication Effect

1.Page views exceeded 300,000 rapidly after the launch of the case’s Html5 website (data from Baidu Analytics).

2.This case, combining such fresh interactive forms as comic strip, animation, Rap and dances, is widely forwarded and loved by consumers.

3.“A’hui” serials of dynamic expressions, as byproducts in this case, are widely spread on social networking sites.

4.This case has motivated several media in the industry to actively follow and report it. Its online rating is as high as 9.7 points (the maximum point is ten). It has become a classic case of Html.

5.In this case, brand communication has generated actual effects. As a brand-new product, the image and value of “Shanhui” have rapidly conveyed customers’ minds and its usage has also remarkably increased.


Dianping.com: #The Story Of A’Hui, Vol.1