Dianping.com: #The Story Of A’Hui, Vol.2


I Background

Shan Hui or Quick Discount, a newly emerged online payment product, has amazed the market with its new image. But how to maintain such a momentum and how to stand out from numerous competitors with distinctive USP are the challenges in this project.



II Solution

1, a tailor-made ambience in restaurant to convey a cutting-point message: no cash needed in restaurants.

Marketing in accordance with different scenes better connects the consumers and products yet to grow. And to consumers, Shan Hui’s biggest advantage is that no cash needed in restaurants. So, we launched a series of stories with continuously surprising plots to highlight moments of checking the bill, a return to its core value. This was our tactic shift from peripheral to the market central whirpool.


2, a symbolized RMB note in a personified story to deliver humanity

In this project is a rarely-employed case in China- a personified image of an online payment product, but not simply a personified cartoon image, what’s more, with an innovatively symbolized RMB Note. Each episode attempts to tell a funny story between A Hui and Chinese Currency- RMB note. Its interactive styles and forms progressively evolved, which sparked curiosity of the public.


3, adaptation of folk song Liu Sanjie with novel singing techniques specially for youth market.

We did marketing by music to capture a quick attention from the market and to enhance communication efficiency. We made breakthrough by transforming Liu Sanjie, a work from a time-honored folk song into one loved by bigger range of consumers. From its product to its brand, Hui Shan shortened the distance to the consumers.

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III, Result

  1. Video views easily exceeded 360,000 times upon its online release (from Tecent Video);
  2. This case has motivated several media in the industry to actively follow and report it. Its online rating is as high as 9.3 points (by http://www.digitaling.com/, the maximum point is ten).
  3. We took the initiative to employ human character, and our “by-product”- character A Hui has a big group of fans online, and the demand for A Hui’s merchandising is strong. The project has effectively promoted its brand and carried the impetus in first round forward, by doing so Shan Hui became a recognized and memorized icon in consumers successfully.


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Dianping.com: #The Story Of A’Hui, Vol.2