Didi Taxi: It’s from Taxi Driver Cheng


In May 2015, in order to find a way out among similar competing services, Didi Dache launched its new service Didi Kuaiche. For purpose of effective promotion, Didi Dache had once provided free transport on Monday for four consecutive weeks.



The Most Difficult-to-Open Red Envelope in History

Based on Html5 interactive page, this case provides Didi Kuaiche with “The Most Difficult-to-Open Red Envelope in History” following WeChat’s “Make Clear about the Affection and Interest of Chinese”, thereby once again broadened the concept of “Red Envelope-based Marketing”.

After opening Html5, the user will receive a big red envelope sent by Taxi Driver Cheng in WeChat. But, this red envelope is not only unable to be opened, but also makes deliberate provocations. The strangest thing is that it finally sets fire to burn itself. Eventually, Taxi Driver Cheng will open the red envelope. Then the user will see all kinds of vehicles flooding out, but only to find that the value of the red envelope is 0, as the surprise is that “Free Transport on Monday for Four Consecutive Weeks provided by Didi Dache”.

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III. Results

1.H5 interactive page view is 400,000+ (according to Baidu Data).

2.This case takes the initiative to adopt the unique mode of “The Most Difficult-to-Open Red Envelope”, and further leads to imitation within the industry as similar cases have appeared one after another.

3.It makes distinction between Didi Dache and other competing brands like Uber in the depth of promotion and the height of communication.

4.With the popularity and business volume of Didi Kuaiche significantly increased, this case has turned brand promotion into sales growth in the real sense.

5.This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by industry media and we media.

Didi Taxi: It’s from Taxi Driver Cheng