Douban: My Inner Space – Mobile Game


I.Project Background, a like app, started its business from books, music and movies. But it has never carried out any brand promotion over the past decade, leading to misunderstanding of the market. Now, with so many users and media holding the uncertainties to it, how will start its first marketing campaign?




Review the past decade, focus on the spirit cores

From books, movies and music to the modules-Group, City, FM, Tattle-tittles and Radio, function constantly goes deeper and deeper at spiritual level. Now, the extensive and magnificent family has been an irreplaceable part of millions of users’ spiritual world. Thus, we created the brand image “My Inner Space” and made it as the breakthrough of brand promotion.


Concrete image products, Innovative chapter-style HTML5 interactive games

The family can be categorized, according to the nature of the product, as: Perception ( Reading and Movie); Consonance( Music and FM); Seek and Get (City and Things); Share(Group and Radio); Spirit( Brand), which are strongly related to the five senses of the consumers. eyes, ears, mouth, nose, brain. Besides we have created the chapter-style suspense game. All of these are supposed to sustain the old consumers’ curiosity and attract the new ones’ attention so as to campaign for Brand Publicity film

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III, Results

1. In this project, the HTML5 attracted more than 1,170,000 times’ visits after it was put online, which has set a new record for Douban publicity.

2.After 5 rounds, the interactive game has won numerous followers for its unraveling plots along with the fun it brought. There are so many answers and strategy guides related to how to pass it that a social media topic named “ This Game is Freaking Awesome” was spontaneously formed.

3.As this project is a trail blazer in the chapter-style HTML5 publicity and established a new model for the bottlenecked HTML5 publicity, it was regarded as a classic case in the industry.

4.After being put online, it posed a continuous guess and reading of first brand marketing by its users and media, which has become a social hot issue and successfully campaigned for later publicity.

5.The whole new slogan “Our Spirit Corner” has raised consonance in users and become a hot online topic.

Douban: My Inner Space – Mobile Game