Lenovo: a Constant Thinker


I. Background
In order to make a hit on Lenovo Tech World Technology Industry Summit and new brand image in May 2015 as well as deepen the public’s impression about new brand image and enhance its influence in the industry, Lenovo Tech World commissioned us to develop a phased brand communication strategy.


II. Solutions
1. Annual communication strategy for “Lenovo: a constant thinker”
Lenovo Group has been growing since early 1990s, especially in terms of hardware, software and cloud services. High-tech elements are continuously integrated into daily life for intelligent and cozy life. Lenovo’s technologies have been gradually upgraded with the times cycle by cycle. It can be regarded as the life of science and technology.
Based on the above information of brand gene, annual communication strategy for “Lenovo: a constant thinker” is formulated and defined as its phased communication theme.

2. Html5 interactive page displays “Lenovo: a constant thinker”
HTML5 shows an anthropomorphic “cerebrum” like that in our human head. It is imagined that projection mobile phone, intelligent pen and Lenovo’s other new high-tech products take us human beings from immemorial jungles to modern cities, space and finally to the scene of Tech World to accept all the viewers’ worship. Then a voice tells that it is Lenovo’s constant imagination about science and technology that extend the space of our life and enrich our life and thinking.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is visited for 200000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
2. This case awakens the consumers’ memory and resonance for this brand, and raises waves of discussion about the evolution of this brand on social platforms.
3. The cerebrum image is really adored by the users and attracts lots of fans for Lenovo.
4. Based on the strategy themed as “Lenovo: a constant thinker”, Lenovo Group has conducted large-scale uniform social communication activities.
5. Lenovo World Tech summit and the new products’ publicity have been considerably improved.
6. This case has been increasingly forwarded on industry media and we media spontaneously.


Lenovo: a Constant Thinker