Macalline: Love home, home-loved.


First, background.

Macalline is a leading brand in China’s household furniture and Service Company. It regularly holds the public benefit activities “Home Loving Day”, awakening public awareness of home loving. How can we transcend conventions, innovate the topic of home-loving and ingeniously connect it with the features of furniture in order to turn “Home Love Day” into an important brand topic for Macalline?


Second, solution.

First, dominate the industry values and build a bridge between brands and customers

Although Macalline has launched many marketing campaigns, it still faces difficulties to make consumers share unified values and equate Macalline with “furniture” and even “home”. Thus, we explored the human nature of home-loving and proposed the brand slogan “Love home for home loves us” to occupy the image of household furniture among consumers.


2.Interpreting the true essence of “home-loving” from an unique perspective

In this case, we connected “home”, “families”, and “furniture” together and developed a fable-like worldview from a unique perspective of “human and furniture are the same”. In this way, we wisely revealed the lifestyle in modern cities and uncovered the reason for home-loving deep in human nature. Thus, we achieved our objective to differentiate from similar films and resonate with similar emotions.


3.Partner with teams at abroad and enhance the power of emotions

In this case, we worked with leading director MUM from Thailand to express the Chinese-style feelings of “Love home for home loves us” using the developed production method of advertising in Thailand. Multi-factors are piled up to improve the conception and image of home-loving. Besides, the impression of “be keen on public service and reflection” is instilled into the brand assets of Macalline.

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Third, results.

  1. Over 14 million views are observed on the Internet for the TVC “Love home for home loves us” released on “Home Loving Day” (data from such video platforms as QQlive and youku).
  2. The fresh slogan “Love home for home loves us” has triggered widespread resonance and discussions about life and family in urban cities, becoming a hot topic on the Internet.
  3. Consumers and people in the sector voluntarily forwarded and pushed the case, directly enlarging the radiation range of secondary transmission of the company’s brand image.
  4. By translating propagation into sales, the case leads to greater exposure of sales activities and significant increase in sales.
  5. The phenomenal transmission effects of “Love home for home loves us” are used by the brand owner as the strategic direction for following campaigns and promotions

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Macalline: Love home, home-loved.