Maleonn W: # W 2016 Art and Branding Integration Plan

W 2016艺术品牌商业联营计划-W×马良

W will cooperate with the world-renowned artist Maleonn to apply its brand-new concept of wild dog “Branding of Chinese Artists” and “Commercialization of Artistic Content”. They are, for the first time ever and in the true sense, the joint works of an international artist and a brand marketing company, without definitions of party A, party B or party C, which are regularly seen in commercial relationships. There are only Maleonn and W, appreciating each other’s evolutionary power as a creator, and serving the same purpose embodied in the fate of wild dog.


Therefore, “Maleonn + W” is not just a cooperation, but more of an association. It is not an experiment to commercialize art, but a creation to cause business to present art.


In the first step, W will grope for the right way and co-create works with Maleonn’s latest masterpiece, the puppet drama Papa’s Time Machine. Specifically, how to do that? Singing is better than speaking, and acting better than singing. Maleonn’s team together with creators from W will give everyone strong feelings and create a fresh and effective platform for all artists and related workers to realize value. It is not only a commercial advertisement, but more like the association of art.

W-CreatorW'S PLAN
Maleonn W: # W 2016 Art and Branding Integration Plan