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New Balance: 574 #Youth, Story and Gift


First, Project Background

Prior to the Christmas Day 2015, New Balance launched the project “Original Color Gift House for Christmas-season”. Based on the phenomenon that people often give and receive gifts in Christmas Day in their youth, it aims to make a sprint in its year-end sales and summarize the annual development of its brand image. The priority of this case is to faithfully showcase youthful feelings while avoiding commonness and untruthfulness and make gift-giving and receiving, a common phenomenon, generate unusual communication effects.


Second, Solutions

1, Real stories and most unsophisticated presentation

In this case, we make a bold move to use real stories with real people by collecting them on the Internet and select the most typical ones of gift-giving and receiving. Selected stories are told in a way closest to the real life from different angles such as romance, family, friendship and people themselves to generate the strongest social resonance with true feelings.


2, Reproduce Filming Techniques in Our Promotion to Raise the Amount of Transmission.

At the beginning of the project, a poster will be released to collect stories, serving as preliminary exposure. Six teaser posters will then be released before the full launch of the project, raising the first round of voice and increase people’s expectation. In the end, six TVCs and corresponding social posters will be released simultaneously, bringing the one-month-long marketing campaign to its climax and gathering momentum for following sales.


3, Bridging online and offline methods and achieving seamless connectivity with terminal sales

In this case, ordinary people and real stories are used to resonate with audience’s emotions. Celebrity spokespeople are also chosen as a bond to make gifts, converting online topics about gifts into offline sales. Thus, a closed loop is formed and brand communication becomes more vivid and more people would like to talk about it.

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Third, Communication Effect

  • There are more than 1,500,000 hits for the “six for one” video in the project #Original-color Gift House # (data from QQlive, Youku and Sina video).
  • The launch of the case has triggered widespread attention of the public, voluntary forwarding of many We-Media and public discussions on topics related to youth.
  • This case has enriched the connotation of #the shade of my color deep down# in both breadth and depth and put an end to several rounds of promotion among this year’s cases.
  • This case has effectively converted online data into offline sale terminal, with significant increases in the sales of 574 TRY-COLOR editions in New Balance flagship shops everywhere.

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New Balance: 574 #Youth, Story and Gift