New Balance
New Balance: Color of Youth

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I. Background
Youth means firm determination; youth means action; youth means wild imagination…Is that true?
Actually, in real life, youth is often full of pains, turns and twists, and even confusion about the future.
Only when real youth is described to be vulnerable rather than omnipotent, can it is likely to impress the ordinary young that usually keep modest but cannot be ignored, and can New Balance 574 differ itself from other cocky brands of sport shoes.
How to present the true and real youth time in a dramatic manner, and cause collective resonance among the target audience at the same time? Here lies the challenge to this case.

II. Solutions
1. Focusing on parent brand and expansion of product line
New Balance is creatively positioned as a brand of thinker, indicating the large quantity of target groups: those middle class preferring inner experience to action, the social elite who are silent but non-ignorable, and the masses that are progressive. It is a unique sports brand. New Balance 574 is a basic model exclusive for the young of the middle class, and accordingly #Color of Youth# is defined as the theme of annual communication.
2. Revealing youth in fable style via TVC series
In this case, the “Boys Version” and “Girls Version” TVC series have get rid of the traditional youth advertisement routines that are melting and inspirational, but adopted the impressionistic way of presentation to show youth in fable style:

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The main character in the “Boys Version” had been doubtful about the significance of examination, but after leaving school, he feels that test of life exists in every occupation among each social class, he finally decides to return to the examination room to take the trial of youth in serious manner. Therefore, this skillfully reveals the brand claim: “The test of youth is everywhere, you may not escape from it.”

To the “Girls Version”, by telling a story to save a young patient who hurts herself, it indicates that youth is a journey full of pain, and everyone should possess strong and independent personality and attitude. The technique of expression of this story is intense, but the creative conception behind it is far-reaching and unique, which perfectly indicates the brand claim revealed in the end: “I’m just living my life in youth time.”

III. Results
1. Since being launched on the Internet, the brand keyword #Color of Youth# has been searched for 13,000,000 times in search engines. (according to Baidu Search)
2. Network hits of the TVC series has exceeded 3,000,000 (according to Tencent Video, Youku, etc.).
3. The new slogan #Color of Youth# is actively memorized, mentioned and repeated by the customers.
4. The project has stimulated various discussions on brand reconstruction of New Balance among customers and industry insiders. Such discussions go beyond the creative conception behind the advertisement, but attaches emphasis on the clear and distinct brand essence of New Balance.
5. In social media, interpretation and discussion on “Real Youth” have never ceased down, which has led to spreading of social topics in extensive and profound manner.
6. With the sales of New Balance 574 significantly increased, this case has turned brand promotion into sales growth in the real sense.


New Balance: Color of Youth