New Balance
New Balance: What Color is Youth?


I. Background
Youth means firm determination; youth means action; youth means wild imagination…Is that true?
Actually, in real life, youth is often full of pains, turns and twists, and even confusion about the future.
Only when real youth is described to be vulnerable rather than omnipotent, can it is likely to impress the ordinary young that usually keep modest but cannot be ignored, and can New Balance 574 differ itself from other cocky brands of sport shoes.


II. Solutions
1. Focusing on parent brand and expansion of product line
New Balance is creatively positioned as a brand of thinker, indicating the large quantity of target groups: those middle class preferring inner experience to action, the social elite who are silent but non-ignorable, and the masses that are progressive. It is a unique sports brand. New Balance 574 is a basic model exclusive for the young of the middle class, and accordingly #Color of Youth# is defined as the theme of annual communication.

2. Innovating H5 to restore the original color of youth
In H5 titled as The Color of Youth, each screen consists of two blocks of solid color, as metaphor of two sides of youth: enthusiasm and pains, future and present, dream and obsession, erratic attitude and practical attitude, escape and courage. The whole H5 indicates that real youth does not embrace vague show that is widely proposed in commercials and movies, but is full of failure and pains, and the young are sincerely suggested to keep modest and thinking, which demonstrates the original color of youth and responds to the annual theme of New Balance 574 “this is our original color”.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is visited for 1,000,000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
2. The topic “This is our original color” attracts nearly 3000000 respondents on microblog (according to Sina Microblog statistics).
3. Collective social resonance arises, and H5 text is widely copied by the consumers spontaneously, and cited for teaching and exam. This case indeed expands perspective for promotion of the youth-themed brands.
4. Brand promotion is integrated into sales, and the sales of New Balance 574 series has increased significantly.
5. This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by media and we media.

New Balance: What Color is Youth?