New Balance
New Balance: Who Doubts Everything in the Street?


I. Background
Advance sale of New Balance 580XX was conducted in May 2015. The target consumers of the series No. 580XX are the fashionable. The limited edition shoes No. 580XX with leather surface decorated with “X”-shaped pattern are extremely fashionable with good value of collection. Our mission is to make publicity as wide as possible for the advance sale of series No. 580XX.

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II. Solutions
1. The motivation of position as skepticism
This case is based on New Balance 580’s position as New Street Fashion. The street culture fashion driven by American immigrants at the beginning of the 20th Century is traced back, Asian cultural elites’ questioning, reflection and promotion of the fashion as well as the “X-shaped” pattern are interpreted, then accordingly the product concept is positioned as skepticism, and promotion slogan is formulated: to continue all classical works’ essence and keep skeptical on each era.

2. Creating video H5 experience
H5 interactive video with the theme who doubts everything in the street is created for New Balance 580XX, with “X-shaped” images scattered throughout the whole video, as metaphor of skin, cells, blood, genes, chromosomes and other life elements. The images interpreted by words firmly express the belief that only those keep skeptical on current popular elements can promote continuous evolution of fashion in line with constantly-updated aesthetics in different eras. Those skeptics who do not blindly define or follow fashion are highly praised, and finally the information of advance sale of 580XX is introduced. H5 is fully filled with visual elements and vivid animation. High quality video-like H5 page is realized on mobile phones.


III. Results
1. H5 interactive page is visited for 200000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
2. Relying on the good communication effect, clear attitude and perfect visual experience, H5 is customized as entity shop’s head video, which is unique and unprecedented. The brand promotion is enhanced in the sales of products.
3. New Balance 580XX’s new slogan “to continue each classical works’ essence and keep skeptical on each era” is actively memorized, mentioned and repeated by consumers.
4. H5 screenshots are uploaded to various social networking platforms spontaneously by consumers, to express their strong recognition of the brand, which also promotes secondary communication.
5. The advance sale of New Balance 580XX has become a hot topic among the street fashion addicts.
6. This case has been widely covered and forwarded spontaneously by industry media and we media.

New Balance: Who Doubts Everything in the Street?