New Balance
newbalance 997.5 – We Are Uncompleted & To Be Continued

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This is a curve
So perfect to neutralize and nullify all windage resistances
It may not necessarily be the most state-of-the-art vehicle of all time
but once kick-started
it must be the one through your personal history
that catches the most people’s eyes

This is one piece of rubber
so fine, meaty and rare that it may not ring a bell of whether you had met it before
However, your ears must have once bathed in its bounties and glamour
since all epoch-making music albums were made of this material
It undertook to record enormous touching lyrics and dulcet melodies
so will it record each step in your journey of life

This is a unique cut
a so exquisite craftsmanship, with vintage mannerism giving out a nostalgia from old days
Once put on, it is unequaled elsewhere
It is a question on examination paper
for all experienced and sophisticated tailors to comprehend new trend
and for all young stylers to grow mature

This is NewBalance997.5
a number that goes well beyond definitions
0.5- what an uncanny resemblance to our personality deep down
where half of ourselves remains perpetually changing, while the other half, unchanged
This and us are so much alike
We need no one to tell us
what is our past, presence and future
and who we shall be

we are uncompleted and to be continued

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newbalance 997.5 – We Are Uncompleted & To Be Continued