New Balance
NewBalance: #Fantasy Dorm


I.Project background:

NewBalance574 Three-Primary Color series whose targeted customers are young generations has launched a promotion project aimed at targeting and selling to college students. By building our brand character of “The true color of youth”, we employed young-generation way to convey ourselves to them, striking a deep chord into the heart, by which way we guaranteed our sales targets.


II. Solutions

2.1 Break the box and reach to more college students
Dormitory, as we can define, is the center for college life, constituting one most important piece in Chinese College Culture. And it is also an enthusiastic topic where most joyful and memorable pieces gathers from those who graduated and later became the emerging pillars of the society. Therefore, we set the story in the dormitory to create an incubation center for our brand image to ferment. Successfully, we bridged products and customers and also, leveled a breeding ground for a nostalgia towards their days of yore. By doing so, we broke the box and reached to a maximum amount of customers both in and out of Campus.

2.2 A playback of life in the dormitory- crazy and wicked youth nowhere else to be found
Youth gives us the craziest life with fantasies and ideas. In order to highlight this, we through Magritte Surrealistic Style exquisitely present to our customers a prototypical youth in the college. We enabled the users to choose from many highly representative scenes of the dormitory- playing games, late night chat, talking over the phone to girlfriend or boyfriend or intimate teasing between beds. By the time the users chose a sense, an alternative but artistic picture of the dormitory was produced. This allowed us to stir powerful ripples in the young generations‘ heart and build a very clear brand image.
2.3. Sale not for the sake of sale, but the branding on top of sales
We attempt to shift our focus onto the real life of young generation and portray an authentic and original youth, sustainably shaping our brand image “This is original us”. The portrayal was directly related to our 574 Three Primary Colors Series products, thereby naturally opened the purchase incentives. So, the trigger was to build a well-received brand image to attain the sales target.

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III. Promotion Results
1, Visits to our HTML5 Interactive Page of NewBalance574 #Fantasy Dorm# has reached 310,000 (data from Baidu Statistics).
2, This program effectively transferred the visits on HTML 5 to our sales terminals. After it went online, the site visits of NewBalance Tianmao Flagship shop (Taobao online shop) saw an increase of 15 percent.
3. This program ignited an explosive transmission among young people and also very well-followed from the middle-class. A lot of we-media forwarded and commented on it. Such topics as “dormitory fantasies” and “all those about dormitory” drew wide participation.
4, This program enabled the brand slogan -“This is original us” going deeper and wider, building on the prominent brand position for the following rounds of promotion.
5,This program sparkled the interests of some authoritative medias in taking initiatives to report. It went up to the headlines for many times and was entitled as a classic case in this season.

NewBalance: #Fantasy Dorm