OnePlus: Just Take One Step After Another to Know About Han Han


I. Background
As of May 2015, OnePlus has been established for one year. On this occasion, Han Han is invited to be the first brand spokesman. The challenge to this case is how to escape from traditional routines of endorsement to give full play of Han Han’s celebrity effect, so as to establish a good brand identity of low-key OnePlus in public.


II. Solutions
1. Believing in #Rational Beauty#, so #Just Take One Step After Another#
We reconstruct the strategic direction of OnePlus to establish strategy basis for brand TVC and promotion campaign in peripheral terms, that is “Rational Beauty”.Based on this, we put forward the annual slogan: #Just Take One Step After Another”, so as to form differences from the brands, products and promotions of competitors.

2. Inviting the most suitable spokesperson to express “natural spirit”
Product is the physical form of brand founder’s “natural spirit”. Only by inviting the most suitable spokesperson and spreading the correct idea can the brand connotation be perfectly agreed with, and the communicating effect be maximized. This is why “realistic, pragmatic, modest” Han Han is selected to advocate the “Rational Beauty” of OnePlus.

3. Initiating “Typewriter” Html5 to go beyond of Han Han’s celebrity effect
In this Html5 interactive page #Just Take One Step After Another to Know About Han Han#, we take the initiative to adopt “Typewriter” interactive mode to express the philosophy of “Rational Beauty”, which prints out the story about Han Han’s role transformation in a steady course, i.e. a teenager known by the public via writing phenomenon, writer, racing driver, and film director. With each portraiture combined with different copywriting, this case summarizes the practical and progressive life status and highly realistic growing-up philosophy of Han Han. In the end, the Html5 returns back to OnePlus to point out the shared view with Han Han, which is “Only by advancing steadily can we change the reality”.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is accessed to for 700,000+ times (according to Baidu Data).
2. The keywords #Just Take One Step After Another# are visited for 30,000,000+ times on microblog 30,000,000.
3. Screenshots of visual scenes and extracts of copywriting from this Html5 are uploaded to social networks spontaneously by consumers, to express their high recognition towards the brand philosophy and essence, which also promotes secondary communication.
4. This case has become a breakthrough for Han Han in terms of endorsement. It does not stay in Han Han’s celebrity effect, but makes analysis and interpretation on his growing path, role transformation and personality shaping, which have in-depth integration with brand communications.
5. It has been recognized as a classic case in Html5 interactive communication by many authoritative websites in the industry.
6. This case has optimized brand image and enhanced the attention and favor of the young groups towards OnePlus.
7. This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by industry media and we media.

OnePlus: Just Take One Step After Another to Know About Han Han