ShouCao: A Love Letter from Mr. Sole Love



As a health care brand with the greatest strength and the highest brand awareness in western China, Sole Love is specializing in the cultivation, research&development, production and sales of Dendrobium officinale, which ranks first in the nine medicinal herbs in ancient China, and has established industry benchmark based on years of development. With entire participation in brand building, product development, market operation, advertising promotion of Sole Love, we are fortunate to work together with Sole Love to build the first “Care-for-Wife Brand” in China’s high-end health industry.



Endless whispers of love for the beloved one

In earlier stage for the development of this Html5 interactive page #A Love Letter from Mr. Sole Love#, we have carried out investigation on reading habits of Internet information of the middle-aged men, and customized the “Love Letter” integrating pictures and texts. By adopting restrained and unadorned tone, it tells the story of a successful husband who fells apologetic, thankful and sympathetic towards his wife who is dedicated to their family and children. Through this Html5, Sole Love has find a unique way for tens of thousands male entrepreneurs with similar success story in China who rank high in the Fortune List to express love to their wives, and caused resonance among them, i.e. “The best healthy food for woman is not Sole Love, but true love.”

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III. Results

  1. Html5 interactive page is accessed to for 1,100,000+ times (according to Baidu Data).
  2. This case causes collective resonance in public, as a large number of users spontaneously adopt the copywriting to express love to their wives, and some schools even introduce it to examination. Therefore, it can’t be avoided to be copied by other brands.
  3. This case destroys the superstition prevailing in the social network environment, that is “Long copywriting has no readers.” With over 1,000 words, the entire Html5 has 16 sections of copywriting, which is longer than all previous Html5, but the scale of spreading has reached an unprecedented magnitude.
  4. By virtue of long life cycle, users have not stopped to forward and distribute this case since it has been launched for nearly one year.
  5. It has been recognized as a classic case in Html5 interactive communication by many authoritative websites in the industry.
  6. Brand communication has resulted in real effect, as sales and popularity of Sole Love have significantly increased since this Html5 has been launched online.
ShouCao: A Love Letter from Mr. Sole Love