#Sing to Ma Yun# Songs of Future Advertisement Vol.1


The main idea of the lyrics

I don’t want to become ‘Ma Yun’
While I have to
Even though I get away from what he said
I can’t get rid of the Taobao’s varity and possibilit

I want to become ‘Ma Yun’
While I am not able to
Picking sesame online everyday
I don’t know how to become Ali Ba Ba

Living under the shadow of the Yun (Cloud)

Let’s become Ma Yun
But do I really need to?

Living under the shadow of the Yun (Cloud)

Don’t become Ma Yun
While who else should I be?

Sing to Ma Yun

Actually this plan of “Songs of Future Advertisement” was introduced before in our official Wechat as a brief idea, leveraging the news that we send Wild Dog Gift Pack to our friends. While talking big without any action still makes us feel insecure, as a company that is not living by service or previous practice, what we’re proud of is making a ‘big’ come true before we talking another ‘big’.

So what we are going to talk big following is the meaning of #Songs of Future Advertisement#:

As you can see, can listen, can know, and can touch:

This is a plan initiated by an agency to change the game with clients.

This is a plan initiated by a musician to change the marketing value of music.

This is a plan starting from visuals to change the communication path of films.

This is a plan starting from social media to change the form of content marketing.

This is also one of the plans worked out by an integrated strategic marketing agency, W, which is also advanced in the international digital communication, to change its future.

Therefore, it is a plan for #Songs of Future Advertisement#
Therefore, it involves all the people who believe in future and in W.


They are those friends of W, including directors, musicians, music studios, and production houses from all over the Asia, as well as all the creators connected by W.

And therefore, this plan could be nothing at all.
It isn’t that great or ambitious at all.
It’s just something our ‘wild dogs’ play, sing and enjoy on our own.

The reason why we do this just on our own while still could find it enjoyable is:

We wonder whether there could be a new way of communication, with the excessed creativity from all the departments of W, Copy & Strategic Planning Dept., Creation Dept., and Music Dept., to launch a piece of music work in regular. It could not be defined or copied, but could present the thinking from all those professionals from marketing, advertising, art, music, filming and television, digital, and animation. With their experiences and expertise, they think as a creator on each industry, after which many thoughts becomes a conclusion, and a conclusion becomes a piece of music, and they fill in with lyrics and melody, light and shadow, and vocals, documentary, interactivity…All together finally become the one you see in below:

# Songs of Future Advertisement # Vol.1
Sing to Ma Yun



It shows our point of view on the E-commerce industry, and why we gave it such a name? To be frank, as a self-initiative plan, we don’t have any resources or promotion budget to make it very big, so we found this way as a short cut to drive more attention from the public, which is also the instinct and professional action as an agency should do.

To our surprise, the viewership of this music video has climbed up to 120+ thousands at the very first day of launch.

In the end, we’d like to show you some stories behind the scene, and to express gratitude to everyone’s contribution.



A group of people sings to a person, and one sings to all.

A person good at performing – the security guard
At the beginning the security guard refused to sing for the shooting, while after he tried some shots, he got into the mood well and began singing and performing well.

A person good at original music – the Xinjiang pancake hawker
The lyrics and melody of his song in the video was originally made by himself, and what we did was recording this talented performance.

A music lover – the factory manager
The factory in the video is really owned by him, which is in Wuxi, and this 7 hours round-trip finally made a 10sec shot. He said, you guys’ music is really ‘Zuoxiao Zuzhou’ style, I like it very much!

A temporary – the ‘Sha Ma Te’ style student
The performer we selected was not able to attend our shooting by accident, so one of production crew turned to be a temporary to take this job. And the shooting location was the boys’ dormitory in Shanghai Normal University

A person who pursues happiness – the sex shop owner:
If you watch in detail, you will find the tattoo on his forearm is a Chinese character of ‘Happiness’.

A person who loves to swing – the kid
For his shot, 41 coins were spent on the swinging car.

A person who can shut down the red-light district – the beggar
It’s a one-take shot for the red-light district scene, because when we turned back and wanted to have the second shot, all of the 6 sex service stores were shut down. The bully in this district took our car as the police car, and followed us for a while when we left.

A person good at art – Bangladeshi
The foreigner in our video is a Bangladesh, and now he is doing Sand Bottle Art in China.

A musician – Wei Yunqing
This song was composed by Wei Yunqing who is from Mercy & Sorrow band, the long-haired man riding on motorcycle and singing in the end in our video.

A person we particularly grateful to – Director Xu Feng
He, a famous director in Mainland China, is W’s best friend.

We are all different people, while we are all living under the shadow of Yun (Cloud).
Sing to Ma Yun exclusive behind-the-scenes footages

Special thanks

Chief Director: Xu Feng
Music Composer: Wei Yunqing from Mercy & Sorrow band
Music Editor: Wang Yanqun from BW Studio
Director: Liu Yan, He Wei
Producer: Qian Ye, Jack, Uncle Red
Visual tone by: Da K
Cinematography by: Zhou Yu, Deng Chengwei
Lighting: Wang Xun
Recording Engineer: Wang Xun
Film Editor: Li He
Assistant Director: Liu Anran
Camera Operator: Lu Xin
Assistant Editor: Zheng Haiyang
Driver: Jin Shan
Lyrics by: Zero, 3Water
Guitar Recording: Zhang Yi
Drum Recording: Zhou Deren
Keyboard Recording: Yang Ruozhou
Chief Planner: 3Water
External Relationship:
Liu Shuping, Qian Ji, Huang Le, Li Xu, Xie Mengting, Chen Huaxiang, Xing Yahan

Singer: Wei Yunqing
Sex Shop Owner: Shuang Haha
Cyber Artist: ASA
‘Sha Ma Te’ Style Student: Jack
Beggar: Uncle Red
Factory Manager: Huang Haixun
Security person: Lao Pang
The Old Landlord: Cao Guoqiang
Sanitation workers: Shi Guilan
The Kid: Cao Zhenxuan
Sand Bottles Handcraft Seller: Anik (Bangladesh)
The female butcher: Wang Shaomei
Pancake hawker: Mu La Ti
Cosplayer: Jiang Yuqi
Monk: Wang Yang
Kunqu Opera Singer: Han Jingru
Bath House Worker: Gao Shanling
Street girls: Yue Yin, Tang Xiao
Backing Vocalist: Wanzi, Pan, Chuan, Zoey

Wuxi Bao Sheng Coatings Ltd.
Lan Qi Er Deng Photography
Live Bar

Produced by
Fong Flim

#Sing to Ma Yun# Songs of Future Advertisement Vol.1