Smart x dianping.com: Smart Flashlight


I. Background
A limited edition of Smart has been launched since April 2015. and online selling mode is creatively adopted. It is hoped to increase the traffic and online order quantity on dianping.com. The challenge of this case is what webpage on mobile phone terminal can raise the users’ curiosity to have a test-driving of this limited edition of Smart.


II. Solutions
1. Creative inclusive solution to two brands.
This is the first cooperation of Smart and dianping.com, and the solution should enhance both brands’ publicity, including promoting dianping.com’s mobile phone terminal service, increasing the traffic and completing the sale task of this limited edition of Smart.

2. Deepening core business
Creative communication is realized, by deepening the business items on diaping.com’s mobile phone terminal, including UED, boot screen and taxi service.

3. Creative interaction and integration for in-depth promotion
HTML5 interactive page displays the slogan “Embrace good opportunity, or, you can gain nothing.” This is a little Smart, and thus many little elements are designed, including little buttons, nipples and flying saucers which are then all shown in interaction, animation and sound, with the information of test-driving naturally integrated.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is visited for 200000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
2. A creative communication and promotion mode with car brand and e-commerce platform integrated is developed.
3. The screenshots of Html5are uploaded to various social networking platforms spontaneously by consumers, to express their strong recognition of the brand and creative communication mode, which also promotes secondary communication.
4. This case has been increasingly forwarded on industry media and we media spontaneously.
5. The good effect of brand promotion is mirrored by significant soar of appointment on dianping.com for test-driving of this limited edition of Smart upon release of Html5.

Smart x dianping.com: Smart Flashlight