Sprite: The coolness for the sultriness.


I. Background
In the summer of 2015, Sprite launched the campaign of #100 Ways to Enjoy Summer#, and cooperated with the popular cartoon “One Hundred Thousand Bad Jokes” to draw attentions of otaku — the generation after 90s who are living in ACGN world, with the aim to expand brand influence among social networks in summer.


II. Solutions
1. Becoming the confidant of young people in summer
This case is developed based on analysis of the mental state of young people enthusiastic with ACGN, who are filled with agitation, depression, unhappiness in summer during the stage of puberty, and eagers to find way to release the mood. Therefore, we fix the brand communication theme of #I Wanna Going Out# for Sprite.

2. Taking the initiative to launch micro-film-style Html5
In this case, the Html5 interactive page created with theme of #I Wanna Going Out# has tried to break the boundry of interactive experience of Html5, and attempted to present micro-film based on Html5 technology, so as to bring unprecedented interactive sensory experience, and continue to take the lead in innovation and interactive trend.

3. Making young people to discover themselves in interaction
Html5 tells the story of a stupid and cute guy who is not only “plain and shy outside but wild inside”, but also much “preachy”. He stays at home through the summer and hatches out 100 ways to get through the summer’s day via user interaction from click-through behavior, thus ultimately finding the way to get rid of loneliness and depression in both emotional and physical manner, and getting out to enjoy the vivid and lively summer. This allegorical story in real life has struck a responsive chord in ACGN world in psychological terms, and further led to spontaneous spreading among the circle of the target audience.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is accessed to for 250,000+ times (according to Baidu Data).
2. Views of microblog topics #I Wanna Going Out# and #100 Ways to Enjoy Summer# have exceeded 4,600,000 (according to Sina Microblog).
3. The slogan #I Wanna Going Out# is actively memorized, mentioned and repeated by the generation after 90s.
4. This case has deepened Sprite’s brand connotation strategically, and put aside the traditional slogan of soft drinks targeting at the young people. With a different storytelling technique to communicate with the young people, it has brought a different kind of brand temperament, but the same brand experience, i.e. the fresh and cool feeling.
5. As collective resonance has been aroused among the younger, they speak highly of the form of creativity, and the unique interpretation and interactive presentation of their emotions and experience in summer.
6. Screenshots of Html5 are uploaded to social networks spontaneously by consumers, to express their high recognition towards the creative form and brand essence, which also promotes secondary communication.
7. This case leads to a new round of forwarding and comments by media authority in the industry and we media.


Sprite: The coolness for the sultriness.