Supor: The First Uninvited Guest in Your New Home.

I. Background

In March 2015, Supor launched a new product — an air purifier named “Xianweijing”. Being capable of absorbing harmful gases and fine particles in the room, it’s ideal for smell removal of house after decoration.


II. Solutions
The original Html5 “Clay Animation” featured with in-depth interaction has led to extensive spreading.
This case takes the initiative to create Html5 interactive page “Clay Animation”: #Who is the First Uninvited Guest in Your New Home?#, which transforms the originally creepy image of toxic gas that invades the body into funny clay figure. By the art form of clay animation, the customers may be encouraged to participate in searching and removing harmful gas in wedding room, new office and baby’s room, thereby realizing that the first uninvited guest in the new home is harmful gas. It therefore introduces the product to be promoted as it’s the requisite to the customers.

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III. Results
1. Html5 interactive page is accessed to for 200,000+ times (according to Baidu Data).
2. This case is the first attempt on Html5 “stop-motion clay animation”, which establishes new standard for sequenced micro-technology of Html5, and further leads to technological imitation and learning within the industry as similar cases have appeared one after another.
3. This case has opened up new ways for entire case strategies that have influence on specific product promotion.
4. With the popularity and sales of air purifier “Xianweijing” significantly increased, this case has turned brand promotion into sales growth in the real sense, and achieved brand image optimization at the same time.
5. This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by industry media and we media.

Supor: The First Uninvited Guest in Your New Home.