Taobao New Force Week, Go Fighting!


I. Background
In March 2015, Taobao launched New Force Week.
It is generally recognized that Taobao is a place filled with counterfeit and shoddy products. However, Taobao has gradually developed into a platform on which independent designers can rely for survival. Not just designers, millions of ordinary people with creative minds can give full play of their curiosity and imagination on Taobao.


II. Solutions
Inspiring imagination and gathering power to change the ordinary
We have created a communication strategy #Go Fighting!#,and designed the promotion slogan “Ordinary Changes will Change the Ordinary” for Taobao.
In the TVC, we have found a key symbol: “button”, which gives extension to the creative concept. Everyone has buttons, but they are seldom the same. The ordinary people have different buttons, and they each lives different lives. Based on the concept of “The Ordinary”, the advertising film interprets the “Ordinary Changes” that “Never to be Reversed by Extraordinary Character” from an unconventional perspective, and finally releases the powerful call of “Go Fighting!” with high brand awareness.

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III. Results
1. During promotion period, TVC #Go Fighting!# has been placed on Taobao’s homepage, and been jointly promoted through multi-channels in online and offline manners, with the exposure eventually reached the level in the billions.
2. With optimized brand image, the customers’ impression on Taobao has also been significantly improved.
3. TVC copywriting is followed and uploaded to social platforms spontaneously by consumers, to express their high recognition towards the creative form and brand essence, which also promotes secondary communication.
4. This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by industry media and we media.
5. Brand communication has resulted in real effect, as the visits and trading volume of Taobao have significantly increased during the promotion period.

TaobaoBRAND VIDEO New Force Week, Go Fighting!