Taobao Mobile: #IAmHere


I. Background
During the world cup, or exactly in June 2014, we were invited to launch a national brand promotion activity on mobile phone terminal of Taobao’s microblog, with the hope to stand out among various other promotion activities of the same period.


II. Solutions
1. Raising the brand’s level and enhancing marketing
The theme “I am here” is determined at the very beginning, with the objective to raise brand image on Taobao. The multifunctional Taobao should enrich our daily life as far as possible. Cultural orientation is preferred, and creative topic “I am here” will help mobile phone Taobao terminal and this online shopping way to become huge brand assets, and lay foundation for new items of mobile phone Taobao, in form and content. This is the meaning and significance of figures in the ICON of the activity widely promoted.

2. Multi-dimensional integrated promotion scheme
In this case, 2 brand image TVCs, editing of 2 original animations, creation of 2 theme songs, 2 MTV footages, 2 visual KVs, 1 KV of visual GIF animation, more than 40 GIF animations and more than 40 plane works are completed and hundreds of plane photos are taken. After the World Cup, the effect of the activity “I am here” on mobile phone Taobao continues.

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III. Results
1. The topic “I am here” is visited for 40000000+ times on microblog (according to Sina Microblog statistics).
2. This case has set records in traffic, efficiency and timeliness in terms of short-term spread, the consumers enjoy unprecedented experience in sound reception and mobile phone Taobao goes beyond other brands that hope to roar relying on the World Cup.
3. With the industry changes, many social communication manners are created, discussed and referred to by media.
4. The special introduction of Lee MinHo, Qi Wei, Zhong Hanliang and other stars sets good example in new social communication.
5. It is awarded as classic case of 2014 Social Campaign.
6. “I am here” becomes Alibaba Group’s classic model of Social Campaign.

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Taobao Mobile: #IAmHere