Tencent Video: Your Long-anticipated Event



The fifth season of “Game of Thrones” has been released on http://v.qq.com/ since February 2015, and the challenge lies in how to severely activate social communication in the way of Html5 interaction.

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Creative Html5 interaction form can create strong sense of being personally on the scene and enhance communication.

HTML5 interactive page “your long-anticipated event” allows long scroll-shaped scene interaction experience. It is indeed a novel interaction and marketing mode for social platforms.

In the interaction, the user’s fingers are like the footsteps walking on magic ice. Each slide means once exploration. Then in further interaction, dragon, ghosts, monsters and other widely-known elements, as well as a world of ice and snow, the vivid ancient battlefield are present in the animations. Finally, a stone tablet indicates “welcome to Game of Thrones”, and the forecast of release on http://v.qq.com/ will be introduced naturally. Exquisite animation, rhythmed sound effects and background music create strong vividness; additionally, the familiar and popular scenes encourage keen users’ spontaneous promotion.


III. Results

  1. Html5 interactive page is accessed to for 1000000+ times (according to Baidu statistics).
  2. The innovative long scroll-shaped scene interaction experience on H5 is widely preferred and imitated in the industry, and similar cases emerge one after another incessantly.
  3. The cooperation of video site and popular game sets good example in creative social communication.
  4. A large number of consumers spontaneously upload the screenshots to quite a few of social networks for communication and discussion, to express their strong recognition of the brand and creative communication mode, which also promotes secondary communication, which also increases secondary communication.
  5. It is regarded as a typical case of interactive communication by Tencent.
  6. It is awarded as a typical case of Html5 interactive communication by several authoritative websites.
  7. The good effect of brand promotion is mirrored by significant soar of website traffic and membership quantity.
Tencent Video: Your Long-anticipated Event