TheNorthFace: The most considerate brand for top sports fans


I. Project background:
In October, it gets cooler and cooler, and the demands for outdoor sports and equipment begin to rise, The North Face (TNF) is going to release its new high-end product FUSEFORM and launch a promotion activity together with W in this perfect opportunity, embracing rich Chinese unique cultural characteristics and the brand’s core connotation, with the final objective to deeply impress the target consumer groups with FUSEFORM’s features in good waterproofness, wearability and breathability thanks to latest technology integrated.



II. Solutions:
1. to shape the brand as top sports fan, and ensure brand gene continuity
TNF’s history is reviewed, and its original hippy style is clearly defined. The vivid hippy image is integrated into non-continuous Chinese culture as another cultural variety. The products are the carrier to inherit and evolve its brand will and connotation, and the brand is defined as top sports fan.

2. The brand’s emotions and attitudes are gently integrated into product sale.
Advertising is constantly regarded as a means of deception, blindly filled with various feelings and senseless declaration which actually make little contribution to product sales. In this promotion jointly held by W and TNF, product itself is focused on, and the brand connotation is profoundly interpreted, to arouse the audiences’ emotional resonance, brand recognition and desire to consume.

3. TVC caters to the consumers’ preference.
A variety of editing techniques, including fast rhythm, multi elements, sharp and loud sound and strong visual effect, help to enhance TNF’s image in preference of sports and exploration, and cater to the potential consumers’ interest in adventure, additionally, the short rhythmed copywriting clearly conveys the product’s selling points, then the final sentence “welcome to dress your most enthusiasm about sports with this most considerate clothes (把最会玩的心,装进一件最懂你的身体)” closely correlates the brand image with the product selling points, which perfectly integrates brand shaping into product sales in innovative manner.

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III. Results:
1. The TVC of new product release themed as “the most considerate brand for top sports fans (你最懂玩,它最懂你)” has been visited for 500000+ times (according to the statistics of, and other video websites).
2. The novel slogan “the most considerate brand for top sports fans (你最懂玩,它最懂你)” has been profoundly memorized, mentioned and repeated by consumers. It has become a hot topic in the network.
3. The effect of TVC has exceeded the client’s expectations, and thus the client has paid more for promotion in Wechat with potential 10 million visitors. The official website has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors.
4. This case has been widely discussed, forwarded and promoted spontaneously by consumers and industry analysts, which means significant secondary promotion of TNF’s new brand image.
5. The successful promotion is mirrored by good sales. The sales of TNF’s new product FUSEFORM has rapidly increased.
6. The concepts of “Chinese style hippy” and “top sports fan” have been continued, and show clear direction for the following promotion and other activities.


TheNorthFace: The most considerate brand for top sports fans