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Tmall x New Balance: Take a Back-to-School Photo for Youth Time



Hi, September! The back-to-school season is coming once again. How to launch a campaign combined with enjoyment and entertainment, as well as high relevance with consumers? It’s our key task to realize multi-directional interaction of network and social media channels while achieving sales promotion through brand communication.





Creative and multi-dimensional interactive communication program

We have made the following works for New Balance: 34 cartoon images of NB Back-to-school Kitten of 34 provinces and municipalities in China; one original song Why am I Going Back to School?; one animated MV Why am I Going Back to School?: it tells the stories of 34 NB Back-to-school Kittens, which have multitudinous complaints towards school life, but still can’t forget the youthful days in school; one H5 interactive page “Take a Back-to-School Photo for Youth Time”: by simply selecting hometown and entering the name of school, the customer can get an illustration photo of the Back-to-school Kitten from his/her hometown standing in front of school.


Achieving multi-directional interaction via cross-border cooperation

New Balance is recommended to launch cross-border cooperation with Tmall by adopting the cartoon image of “Kitten”, thereby acquiring association with Tmall’s brand image, and going along with its matching cooperation interest, so as to transfer the brand theme #True Color of Youth# from traditional TVC or digital-based one-way communication into multi-directional interaction. Upon such exchange of thinking mode, New Balance may promote brand influence with the aid of Tmall, develop and improve communication mode and status, and finally transit brand communication into actual sales.


Integrating online and offline communication channels

Based on the brand theme of #True Color of Youth# and the 34 cartoon images of NB Back-to-school Kitten, we have take the initiative to redesign the homepage of Tmall flagship store of New Balance and dynamic picture of product display, and extend NB Back-to-school Kitten to Tmall Fun, APP Homepage, and gifts like environment-friendly bags, U disks, notebooks and stickers, so as to achieve the connection of multi-channels, and enhance the vivid effect and topic-indicating function of brand communication.

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III. Results


1, The animated MV achieved 1,500,000+ visit view on the Internet (according to Tencent Video, Youku and Sina Video).

2, H5 interactive page view is 800,000+ (according to Baidu Data).

3, As of the date of coming online, the sales and visits of Tmall flagship store of New Balance have significantly increased.

4, This case has paved the way for new developments of communication modes in the industry, which upgrades traditional one-way communication into multi-directional interaction in a real sense by developing multi-win mode, and makes actual achievement in sales promotion.

5, By virtue of this case, the influence of #True Color of Youth# has reached an unprecedented level, both in depth and in breadth, which turns the program into prominent brand equity of New Balance in the multi-round promotion to be launched this year.

6, The creative element — NB Back-to-school Kitten — has been integrated into APP Homepage, camera filters and other scenarios by Tmall, which achieves brand communication under the context of “high return with zero investment”.

7, Since being launched into market, this project has struck a responsive chord in the public, which gives rise to a new wave of forwarding by We Media, as well as nationwide discussion on the topics of “What’s the good of school life?”, and “Why do we wish to return to school?”.

8, It indicates deeper and closer cooperation between New Balance and Tmall in the future.

9, This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by industry media.

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Tmall x New Balance: Take a Back-to-School Photo for Youth Time