W: # Songs of Future Advertisement

W 2016自制音乐品牌营销计划


In the future, in W’s programs which may concern you, wild dogs want you to learn about the following things:

By now, W is, to a large extent, an advertising agency.

By now, W is, for sure, an advertising agency, which is fully aware of its strengths and weaknesses but often bite off more than it can chew. It continuously gets destroyed by itself and then gets reborn by its own, finding and proving itself. Although we prefer to be a new-type marketing agency of party A in our own definition, we speculate that everyone in the presence will treat it as a stunt.


Therefore, the music department of W has accumulated one-year-long inner voice that singing is better than speaking, and pieces together the first original soundtrack album belonging to creators. We hope that you can feel all the ongoing sincerity and part of the future that has been created.

The eleven songs include five original compositions and six arranged pieces. They are memories, traces, accidental touching moments and heartbeats, which you never heard ever before.

The heartbeat of wild dogs has been put into the wild-dog-shape USB drive, which will soon be opened by you. It may look or sound far from being superior, but it includes all the good wishes, representing the distinct sounds of W in the past year and also W’s plan shouting for future: Songs of Future Advertisement

From now on, wild dog is willing to use its works as proof and voices as lure, hoping to receive resonance from musicians, music publishing companies, and music production companies. Wild dog is also longing for collaboration with brands and allies at home and abroad to jointly launch and complete this program, to change fresh ideas about making advertisement and to rewrite the old fate of creators again.


Interested groups after listening are welcomed for inquiring



In 2016, more and more music works concerning W’s future ads are steadily taking shape in the hands of more indie musicians, independent directors and creators in W and soon get released. Please cache space for your ears and hold on for wild dog and your future!


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W: # Songs of Future Advertisement