Weather Changes Your Destiny – Social Campaign

Ⅰ. Project Background:

By the end of June 2016, the number of registered users of MoWeather App (the Chinese version of TheWeatherChannel) had reached a total of 500 million, which was a remarkable milestone for this 6-year-old mobile app specializing on weather forecast service. Boasting such a strong technological orientation as it is though, MoWeather is faced with a lackadaisically recognized brand and a weak emotional connectivity with users. This, to complete the loop, poised the biggest challenge to us – How to transform a mere “tool” into a real “brand”? How to build good impression and a widely-recognized brand? How to define a new level of meaning and value in a familiar weather forecast service?




Ⅱ. Solution:

1, Redefined the meaning of weather forecast service, and granted this tool a new brand value.

How to work a brand value out of a mere tool? We proposed conception that: as we know, our destiny never fell in the rein of our lay people’s hands but subjects to the external factors like weather, environment, situation and etc. So, we came up with a slogan: “weather changes your destiny”—- apart from our own personal will, seeing ahead makes you better command your life.


2, Seize timely the window period of Rio Olympics to do a smart-launch of our brand conception.

Olympic Games are the paramount combinations of one’s personal will and his or her destiny, where a waterloo can easily occur on the most sophisticated and professional athletes due to unexpected accidents. This Olympic opportunity is a great time to unveil our brand spirit/value- “Weather Changes Your Destiny”.

Olympic Games was one best occasion for media to get reach to 4 billion viewers globally and to be part of it in building brand and releasing brand spirit would attain a golden point.

Therefore, during the 17 days of Rio Olympics session, we launched a mobile music website tracking the Olympic hot news each day. In accordance with these news and local weather, our website fed the users with a special story about how weather changed the destiny; In the Closing Ceremony day when everyone was either in disillusionment of loss or in sense of achievement, we creatively released a TVC named “Olympic Games on the Moon”, in a way, by leaving out all extreme weathers, to convey the message of how weather works on our human beings.


3. We took pioneering effort to create a news tracking H5 with music during Olympic Games, and 17 groups of interactive advertising brand contents.

We broke the box of traditional Social Campaign to carry out flat marketing, but taking pioneering effort to create a news tracking H5 with music, a mobile website, during Olympic Games. We communicate with users through daily updated website. Our copies and animations were all exquisitely designed in line with hot news and weather of the day, and expressed through original songs we composed. While our users could choose background music and competition animation to their own appetite to make their own Olympic MV and a destiny song dedicated to any athlete of the day. This bridges Olympic news and branding contents through songs, animations and interactive mobile website by a marvelous expressiveness, thus setting an innovative paradigm for transmission of hot news across the whole industry.


4. Produced an epic space-film, illustrated “weather changes your destiny”.

We forged a new path to circumvent both ordinary social settings and revealing preaching, as well as broke the box of the old “quick” and “accurate” weather forecast to repeatedly list all the functions. We placed the users in a setting of the Moon to demonstrate the Matthew Effect whereby one’s accomplishments and reputation tend to snowball, and those with meager accomplishments have greater difficulty achieving accomplishments. But because of the volatility of weather, there comes a glimpse of hope and possibility for other non-dominant athletes to win, which further manifested how weather works out a different destiny, conveyed the spirit and meaning of our brand. Our film borrowed space-film techniques- grand background music, epical narrates and magnificent shots, profoundly presenting the branding spirit of “weather changes your destiny”.


Ⅲ.Case highlights:

  1. Visits to our HTML5 Interactive Page exceeded 3,540,000 (data from backstage Statistics) and viewers of the video exceeded 1,740,000 times (data from Tecent, Youku and etc.), a record high of all MoWeather advertising campaigns.
  2. Our new slogan “weather changes your destiny” was widely recognized by users and became a hot only topic which attracted a reading of over 12,500,000 times.
  3. All 17 days of interactive games, hot news tracking, alternative interactions and music had been passionately welcomed by users with great heat. Echoing with this was our pioneering effort to connect the H5 and the public hot news and music on social media. This gradually paved a new way for HTML 5 Communication to break the ceiling and bottleneck by introducing a brand new approach, thus was regarded a classic online marketing case.
  4. This epic video clip from creative angle and grand visual effect went into heat discussion among critics, users and Advertising peers after released. Never had the users ever expected to see such a grand advertising product.
  5. This program had been widely reported by over 60 media across all fields, kindling an explosive attention and interpretation on this marketing case.
  6. We had set an unparalleled example for others to follow by strengthening the online functional products and throwing light over novel advertising approaches.
Weather Changes Your Destiny – Social Campaign