WeChat: The Affection and Interest of a Red Envelope


I. Background
1. On the Spring Festival of 2015, Tencent and Spring Festival Gala Evening of CCTV jointly promoted WeChat Red Envelope. We received the promotion task relating to functions of red envelope at the invitation of Public Relations Department of Tencent.

2. The focus of this case lies on whether the functions of red envelope indicate the philosophy of “interests first”, or just reveal the direct money-related interpersonal relationship? Perhaps positioning of red envelope launched in future will be derived from this round of promotion battle. As the concept of “stink of money” has sinked deeply into people’s hearts, it therefore lifts difficulty on the making of creative plan, as such plan should have distinctive difference with competing products.


II. Solutions
1. Looking for problem-solving strategies based on the client’s mode of thinking
Although the marketing task is required to be completed during festive season, we still stand on the brand level of Tencent Group to make strategies: the combination of business promotion with overall tone and cultural connotations. This case aims to upgrade the promotion function of WeChat Red Envelope, that is to attract users to achieve a new height of brand communication, which is a battle of strategy in the real sense. As WeChat Red Envelope not only defines new customs for the Spring festival of the Chinese, but also indicates new relationships between the Chinese, the behaviors to give red envelopes are followed to uplift brand level: reconstruction of the affection and interest of Chinese.

2. Adopting H5 interactive form to optimize cultural connotations
This case creates H5 interactive page #Make Clear about the Affection and Interest of Chinese from a Red Envelope#. Since the public are indulged in getting the red envelope with the highest value, why shouldn’t we launch a discussion on humanity based on Renminbi, so as to retrieve the balance between “Affection” and “Interest” in heart of every Chinese, and find out the “lost affection and new value” inside each red envelope.

3. Creating innovative and interactive experience with traditional Chinese elements
In this H5, the Chinese landscapes on Renminbi banknotes with different nominal value, i.e. Three Pools Mirroring the Moon of West Lake, Landscape of Guilin, etc., are made into motion pictures. This time, these Chinese elements that are likely to be ignored by most Chinese are given interpretation and presentation from unprecedented perspective, thus bringing new experience for the Chinese in both sensory and emotional terms.

4. Highlighting the theme and defining new customs for the Spring Festival
This copywriting gives in-depth interpretation on the sincere feelings of the Chinese towards hometown, family reunion, red envelopes and other customs during the Spring Festival. By abandoning the sensational, rumbustious and exaggerated way of expression, it indicates the wish behind WeChat Red Envelope of Tencent from a new angle. As the 11 billion times of “Shake it Off” of WeChat Red Envelope on the New Year’s Eve has harvested a new record, the theme of the promotion becomes obvious: “A New Year can’t be called as New Year in its real sense without WeChat Red Envelope.”

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III. Results
1. H5 interactive page is accessed to for 300,000+ times (according to Baidu Data).
2. This case can effectively distinguish WeChat Red Envelope from that of Alipay launched on New Year from both brand awareness and depth of communication.
3. It has been recognized as a classic case of Html5 in terms of originality, production and promotion by Tencent.
4. It also has been marked as a new model for “red envelope-related promotion” in marketing communications.
5. Screenshots of visual scenes and extracts of copywriting from this case are uploaded to social networks spontaneously by consumers, to express their high recognition towards the promotion essence and brand essence, which also promotes secondary communication.
6. With optimized brand image, the customers’ impression on WeChat Red Envelope has also been significantly improved.
7. This case has been spontaneously covered and forwarded at high frequency by industry media, the academic world, and we media.

WeChat: The Affection and Interest of a Red Envelope