Wechat: WeChat Red Envelop for New Year of Monkey


Project background
It was three years ago when WeChat brought a new ecological model to life into business for the first time that combines social platform and red envelop sending and receiving (refers to the distribute pocket money to others or vise versa ). As of now, homogenization in the market continues to hypes for conspicuous consumption and to encourage irrational purchasing. So, the responsibility loaded on our shoulders is to define the human-care of our product- the WeChat Red Envelop by distinguishing it from the functional characteristics of other tools, striking a balance between “Relationship” and “Money” and leaving competitors behind from a whole new position, thus conferring a life to WeChat Red Envelop Brand.


1. Update of its virtual versions: we installed two virtual functions-“mask revealing Red Envelop” and “makeup peeling Red Envelop”
The Html5 pages are disguised into two new versions of red envelops- one is “mask-revealing Red Envelop” , pretending to be able to see real love of your relatives to you through the masks. Another one is the “makeup peeling Red Envelop”, means to remove the fake makeups of your friends. These two functions allow users to see by the demonstration the real meaning of Red Envelop: to touch the love and temperature from those who sent you the real red envelops out of sincerity.

2. Fusion with personified monkey: Animation for human love
This piece of copy seeks to bring some thoughts into our relationships with either relatives or friends who often place their real feelings behind masks. We worked to incorporate Spring Festival elements from the Year of Monkey by making a personified monkey animation. Capturing two major stories of “Friendship” and “Kinship”, this animation aims to get our humane temperature back to our Spring Festival.

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Transmission Result
1. This project has since its Html5 online launch gained 400,000 visits (From Baidu Statistics);
2. We spearheaded and opened the door for update page demonstration, plus, delicately supported by animation video.
3. Time for this transmission was the New Year Holiday – Peak hour for the use of WeChat Red Envelop Service, which made our promotion highly relevant, touching and mind-provoking.
4. We tried to separate WeChat Red Envelop from competitors, which has obtained overwhelming acclaims.
5. This attracts many reports from public media and numerous circulation, visits and comments from many we-medias;
6. We set a benchmark among We-brands and make them follow.

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Wechat: WeChat Red Envelop for New Year of Monkey