W – Original Soundtrack 2015

The Elegy of Wild Dogs

If I am going through the fears

You know I can’t look back

If I keep singing chants

Please forsake me

Keep moving forward

As a wild dog

Keep chasing forward

Like what you remember

As a stray wild dog

If you are leaving

Please remember where you are from

If you are coming back

Please remember why you are back

If I am going through the fears

You know I can’t look back

The Elegy of Wild Dogs above is the inner voice we choose to sing for the-past-year W. Why the first song W wrote for itself is a sad song? I don’t want to explain. Other people do not have the obligation to listen to its various emotions, ambitions, inspirational or depressing stories, and I will not bother to tell. Anyway, the general idea of the song is that wild dogs deeply feel that the modest achievements W made in the past are actually fortunate or unfortunate results along the way for which it groped.


The so-called industry leader is only because wild dogs “are going through the fears”. The so-called unattainable goal is only because you “can’t look back” once setting out on a journey.


We only want to say: “If I keep singing and chanting, please forsake me.” It is as simple as that.


The idea in Li Shanshui’s heart was heard and understood by creators in W. They polished his idea, composed music, and made it a song and animation.


In the work, there is a sincere voice fromW2015 the first original soundtrack album made by W’s music department after one-year-long effort. The music video The Elegy of Wild Dogs you just watched and heard is a piece from the album.

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