Xibei: #I Want to Be a Coarse Man


First, Project Background

Xibei Restaurant, a Chinese catering brand focusing on healthy and delicious crusine made of coarse grains, has won a good reputation with expanded business after years’ of development. However, it fails to leave customers with a unified and clear impression, not to mention becoming a preferred catering option for the general public. Therefore, Xibei Restaurant hopes to create a fresh brand image as its strategic foundation, so that it can grow into an authentic brand and also a famous one listed in customers’ catering options.

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Second, Solutions

1, Create brand characters and unique images of its own genre

This case, based on Xibei’s enterprise vision and product concept, has a profound insight into the overall situation of the era and develops the brand manifesto #I Want to Be Rustic #. It gives the over-exquisite era and city dwellers kidnapped by an aesthetic appreciation of exquisiteness vent to feelings and psychological resonance. In addition, it has also created extremely differentiated personalities for the brand, having a unique place in people’s heart concerning the image of North-Western cuisine and their catering options.


2, dynamic oil painting coupled with the “rustic” manifesto breaks through the predicament of brand-building

We pioneered the Html5 interactive manner of dynamic oil painting in implementation, using thick-line oil painting to echo the “rustic” concept and using artistic and animated narration to elaborate the “rustic manifesto”. In this way, advertising manifesto into which brand concept is condensed is dissolved into the common wishes for the brand, conforming to the public’s aesthetic pleasure. Thus, it is of higher communicability and topicality for our brand to break through the predicament.

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Third, Communication Effects

  • Page views exceeded 500,000 rapidly after the launch of the case’s Html5 website (data from Baidu Analytics).
  • The long and highly perceptive article in this case has triggered widespread collective resonance and affective identification. It is forwarded by customers widely, and #I Want to Be a Coarse Man # has become a network catchword.
  • The dynamic oil painting and unique narrative style pioneered in this case have once again developed new ways in using Html5 in the industry and are imitated by many insiders.
  • This case has motivated several media in the industry to actively follow and report it. It has become a classic case of Html.
  • This case has dramatically improved the brand image of Xibei, customer’s favorability and its terminal sales by translating brand communication into actual effects.

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Xibei: #I Want to Be a Coarse Man